CSCI 136

Data Structures  & Advanced Programming

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Instructor:Prof. Morgan McGuire
Phone: x4215
Office: TCL 308
Office Hours: Monday 10am-12pm and Thursday 1-2:30pm
Lectures: MWF 9-9:50 in TPL 114
Labs: W 1-4 in TCL 217a

TAs: Kyle Whitson, Steve Van Wert, and Macklin Chaffee
TA Hours: Sun 3pm-6pm, 8pm-10pm; Mon 8pm-11pm; Wed 8pm-12pm; Thu 10pm-12pm

Course Description

This course couples work on program design, analysis, and verification with an introduction to the study of data structures. Data structures capture common ways in which to store and manipulate data, and they are important in the construction of sophisticated computer programs. We will use the Java programming language in class and for the assignments.

Students will be expected to write several programs, ranging from very short programs to more elaborate systems. Since one of our goals in this course is to teach you how to write large, reliable programs composed from reusable pieces, we will be emphasizing the development of clear, modular programs that are easy to read, debug, verify, analyze, and modify.