Table of Contents

CS 334: Software Tools

Software for CS 334

  • Slack: Collaboration software for messages, announcements, working in groups. One of the best systems for this around. We'll use Slack for online discussions, announcements, questions, etc. Here are the main channels we'll use:

    • #general: Class announcements, general hints, corrections, etc. Ask general hw questions here as well. Check often!
    • #random: Anything else.
    • You can also direct message anyone in the class, the TAs, or me in Slack.

    You can use Markdown formatting -- bullets, code, code blocks, etc. Use Option-Return to create posts with more than one line.

  • A Good Text Editor: While you can ssh to our lab computers to complete the programming parts, it should be relatively easy to install everything you need to program on your own computer as well. Regardless, you'll want to have a good text editor installed on your own computer. It's entirely personal preference, but a few I'd recommend are:

    There are versions of these for Mac, Windows, Linux. And they each have many extensions to support different programming languages, latex, markdown, etc.

  • git: We'll use git repositories stored on our GitLab server -- you will recieve email about setting up your account -- for programming exercises. More details on this later, but you will want to install git if you are using your own computer.