Exploring Bias in Tech

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Instructor: Shikha Singh
Email: shikha AT
Phone: x2773
Office: TCL 304
Lecture Meeting Times: TWR 10-11:50am in Wachenheim 019

Instructor: Kelly Shaw
Email: kshaw AT
Phone: x2772
Office: TCL 309
Lecture Meeting Times: TWR 10-11:50am in Wachenheim 019

Course Description

This course will explore bias in computing at several levels with a focus on how data and technology intersect with and have an impact on different identities in computing. It will examine how bias towards different identities (such as gender, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, ability, and sexual identity) impacts individuals working in the computing field. It will also examine how these biases can be embedded in data, algorithms, predictive models, and physical products.

The content of this course will roughly be divided into the following three parts:


Course Syllabus

Part 1: Understanding different identities and intersectionality

Part 2: Exploring the history and status quo of DEI in Computer Science

Part 3: Exploring bias in algorithms, prediction models, and technological products

Other Resources

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