Computer Science

Williams College

Stephen N. Freund

Professor of Computer Science

Contact Information

Address: Computer Science Department
47 Lab Campus Drive
Williams College
Williamstown, MA 01267

office: TPL 302
phone: 413-597-4260
Curriculum Vitae

Spring 2017 Classes

    CSCI 334  -  Principles of Programming Languages



    Research Publications

    Software and Project Pages:

        RoadRunner Dynamic Analysis Framework

        UPMARC 2014 Summer School lectures on Analysis Techniques to Detect Concurrency Errors

        RV2012 Tutorial on Dynamic Analyses for Data-Race Detection

        Data Race Detection
        Scalability-Oriented Optimization
        Hybrid Atomicity Checking
        Hybrid Type Checking
        Atomicity Checking

    Workshops Archives:

        PASTE '13

Programming Languages Education

    Education Publications

    SIGPLAN Education Board

    Summer School on Software Reliability Lectures

Some Previous Classes

    CSCI 134  -  Introduction to Computer Science
    CSCI 136  -  Data Structures and Advanced Programming, Spring 2007
    CSCI 434T  -  Compiler Design
    CSCI 010  -  C, Unix, and Software Tools, Winter 2003