CSCI 134

Introduction to Computer Science

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Instructor: Bill Jannen
Office: TPL 304
Help Hours: (In TCL 216/217) W 1:30-4pm, Th 3-4pm and by appt.
Class Meetings: MWF 9-9:50 in Schow 030A
Instructor: Shikha Singh
Office: TCL 304
Help Hours: (In TCL 216/217) Th 1-3pm and by appt.
Class Meetings: MWF 10-10:50 & 11-11:50 in Schow 030A
Course Support: Lida Doret
Office: TCL 205
Help Hours: (In TCL 216/217) W 1-2:30
TAs: Jackson Davis, Timothy Felten, Annika Brockman, Abel Mesfin,
May Blair, Jason Mai, Aniya Smith, Jocelyn Bliven, Greta Laesch,
Henok Misgina Fisseha, Yuri Lee, Tasan Smith-Gandy,
Milton Vento, Nikki Lee, Tryphena Bossman
TA Help Hours: (In TCL 216/217) see calendar below

Course Description

This course introduces fundamental computational concepts for representing and manipulating data. Using the programming language Python, this course explores effective ways to organize and transform information in order to solve problems. Students will learn to design algorithms to search, sort, and manipulate data in application areas like text and image processing, scientific computing, and databases. Programming topics covered include procedural, object-oriented, and functional programming, control structures, structural self-reference, arrays, lists, streams, dictionaries, and data abstraction. This course is appropriate for all students who want to create software and learn computational techniques for manipulating and analyzing data.

CSCI 134 is the first course required to complete a major in Computer Science. For more information about course placement, see this page.

Syllabus & Texts

The course syllabus describes the course policies and logistics, and the course schedules for Bill's and Shikha's sections include the meeting topics along with their associated readings, resources, and assignments. The course schedules are updated regularly. All sections cover the same topics and conent, but you are more than welcome to look at materials from other sections if you find them helpful!

There are no required textbooks for this course.

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