Duane A. Bailey/Williams College

Duane A. Bailey Professor of Computer Science

Duane & Ryan

Teaching and Course Materials

Life as an AlgorithmJava StructuresJava ElementsInformal Guide to Computer Science

Duane's incredibly brief intro to: unixemacscsvnsecure file systems on Macs


Curriculum VitaeTheses with studentsOpen letter to research students

PostScript-based Penrose tilerBen Chaffin's Danzer tiling pageJason Healy's Penrose Empire explorer

The Unix Lab


Free genealogy forms, including a pedigree chart, a pedigree fan chart, a family record sheet, cemetery record charts, various timelines, a research log, and a correspondence record sheet

Coming soon: a general census record sheet

Puzzles, etc.

Tentaizu PuzzlesHitori PuzzlesThe CoRoutine PuzzlesThe Mazy Depths Puzzle
Puzzle 64Shannon's Mind Reading MachineSpaceWarThe Division of the Day
And, yes, The Largest Known Prime in Resistor Colors

Contact Information

47 Lab Campus Drive
Williams College
Williamstown, Massachusetts 01267
Telephone: (413) 597-2417
Facsimile: (413) 597-4250